"Received my games this week and wow, the quality is beyond what I expected in every way. Many thanks - everyone is going to love this game; both quality and play!"

"One of the most successful kickstarters I’ve backed! (Out of over 300) Thanks for designing a fantastic product! This is what makes taking the risk worth it in the end. Really knocked it outta the park. Thank you!"

"Besides making a very fun, quality game that my whole family enjoys, you got us interested in the bamboo plant - fascinating - did not know that the cup bottoms are actually the nodes ... thank you for all of the team's efforts - much appreciated !!!"

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Lying Pirates

Lying Pirates: The Race for the Pirate Throne

Lying Pirates: The Race for the Pirate Throne

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Embark on an adventurous quest for the Pirate Throne in this thrilling board game designed for cunning pirates and seafaring strategists. Command your ship and outmaneuver your opponents, racing to claim the ultimate prize before others do. Navigate treacherous waters, encounter mythical creatures, and engage in intense duels. Only the shrewdest captain can outwit their rivals, hoard a fortune, and seize the crown. Will you be the one to rule the high seas?

Our Kickstarter campaign was a tremendous success, quickly garnering the support of over 5,100 backers and surpassing our funding goal by 1,662%, reaching approximately $440,000 USD. Remarkably, we achieved full funding within just 4 hours, a testament to the excitement and anticipation for our pirate adventure game. This overwhelming support has allowed us to create a truly high-quality gaming experience.

Total weight of box with content is ~2.8 kg 

Inside you will find:

  • 6 Naturally Unique Bamboo Cups, serving as a concealed haven for your dice crew.
  • 50 Crew Dice, 4 Special Crew Dice, and 3 Action Dice to roll your fate
  • 6 Battle Dice for settling scores on the high seas
  • 6 Plastic Pirate Ships and 6 Wooden Pirate Ships to choose your style
  • A trove of 25 Metal Coins to use as currency throughout the game
  • 1 Metal Starting Captain Token to indicate the leader of the current round
  • 8 Captain Coasters, each with unique abilities for your strategic advantage
  • 27 Magnetic Tiles with Linen finish, which cling to the game area, allowing you to construct a diverse and stable map for each voyage.
  • 1 Magnetic Base Map and 1 Magnetic Map Extension with Linen finish, ensuring your course stays true as you navigate through treacherous expeditions .
  • A deck of 78 Action Cards and 8 Variant Cards with Linen finish, complete with protective card sleeves, offering a broad canvas for tactical plays and ensuring their longevity and durability through countless gaming sessions.
  • 1 Dual layer Dice Board and 1 Canvas Dice Bag for organizing and storing your dice
  • 1 Rulebook to guide you through the rules and tides
  • 2 Tile Legends for understanding the game’s territories

Each game component is crafted to immerse you in a world of piratical adventure, with high-quality materials and artwork that bring the theme to life. Set sail for glory, amass your crew, and become the Pirate King!

For a true captain’s advantage, we highly encourage all aspiring pirates to watch the Official 'How-to-Play' video, which offers a visual and engaging way to learn the ropes of the game. Additionally, cast an eye over the FAQ section for any buried queries you might have or ask away on BoardGameGeek. These resources are like a trusty compass, designed to guide you smoothly into gameplay so you can focus on navigating your way to victory. Set sail with confidence, and may the winds be ever in your favor!

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